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Kennesaw, GA

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vertical green line on right side of screen

I searched the forum but did not see any previous posts of this problem. I have a Motorola DCT3416 STB and a Sharp Aquos LC-42D64U LCD TV with the Comcast digital starter package in Kennesaw GA. I got this TV and STB in March '08. I have the STB set to 1080i with HDMI. At first I had no problems except an occasional HDCP handshake problem that was easily corrected by powering off the TV and STB and restarting. In the last month or so when viewing a HD channel in the "Dot for Dot" mode I get a thin (about 1/4") vertical stripe on the right side of the screen. It only appears when viewing a HD channel.
The Blu-Ray DVD player displays fine as does my pc which both also have HDMI connections. My TV grays out the screen positional controls when it senses a HDMI connection so that is not an option. I've also tried changing the color space on the STB from YCC 4-4-4 to RGB which does get rid of the green stripe but substitutes a vertical distortion on the left side of about a half inch. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how is it corrected?

Reading, PA

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Re: verticle green line on right side of screen

I've noticed a thin green line to the left of the screen on NBC HD when my Samsung TV is in "Just Scan" mode. That's the equivalent of dot for dot. The only work around that I know and do, is change my TV's zoom to standard 16:9 mode, which induces a 3% overscan around the borders. This hides the little nasties, such as closed captioning data at the top edge of the screen, or poor networks that broadcast video glitches along the sides of their screen. It only appears to cut off the FOX 29 Philadephia logo, but all other channels are ok.

My TV has these zoom modes-
Just Scan (1:1 mapping with NO Overscan)
16:9 (Standard 3% Overscan 16:9 aspect zoom mode)
4:3 (Converts all material to 4:3 no matter what it is. Good for correcting networks that "stretch sd").
Wide Fit (Expands 4:3 material to fit the screen. Top and bottom are slightly cut to minimize aspect distortion).


reply to Chemcat
i have the same thing. damn annoying. it goes away when i do a zoom on my tv. this started last week right after i noticed an update to the on screen guide from my cable box. it isn't there on the output to my PC (which is over old AV cables and not HDMI).


Plainfield, IL
reply to Chemcat
I had a customer have the same problem with a new Samsung TV we delivered but had Dish Network. At first we thought it was the TV, so we brought out another one and same problem. This time we tried everything (using component cables, changing resolutions, etc.) and the problem still existed. So again, we thought it might have been a bad batch of Samsung TV's and the customer exchanged it for a Panasonic. Same problem. So now we knew it was the box. Customer had Dish Network come out and switch the box, problem went away.