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Channels are not working.. "Not Authorized"

Like about a month ago some Time Warner guy came to fix my cable line because it wasnt displaying channels.. it said "Not Authorized" on my motorola box.. i also had a line running to a tv directly from the cable and the channels were all black... then they came and fixed it and everything was normal.. then about a week later the box started displaying the "Not Authorized" message again.. but this time i can see the channels on the other Tv and all my channels from 2-32(and the HD channels that i have work, i can view USA hd but not the regular USA lol...) work.. the last time it broke it only reached from 2-30.. so im guessing its the box because the other tv without the box is working fine... and i tested the line thats running to the box and it displays all the channels but the box is not..

is there a way i can restart the box or something?

heres what my box looks like:

my cable used to be comcast but they switched it to TWC so thats why it says comcast

The one and only
The box has to be reauthorized with the proper signal from the cable company headend. Contact support and make sure the box is entered into the account correctly and the correct packages are listed on it.