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Fort Mill, SC

Frontier managment?

One has to wonder at the abilities of the Frontier management's thinking that they could sneak these "unrealistic" and "uncompetitive" and "unreasonable" caps on their customers. Do they seriously believe they can charge "unresonable" "overusage" fees on their customers without major and proactive opposition developing?
Any savings, they are computing, will most certainly be eaten up in legal fees and management fees, fighting customers and organizations promoting neutrality and fairness?

The end results:
0 Loss of good customers.
0 High legal fees
0 An ultimate climb down
0 Regulatory reviews
I could go on, but I think the message is clear. Frontier appear to have extremely poor management who are unlikely to be in place thru 2009.


Kalispell, MT

It's not just Frontier--the Baby Bells and the 2 largest cable providers have announced caps. Heck the major cellular carriers all now have caps for cellular data. Unless consumers complain loudly about all the issues raised by these proposals, expect to see the majority of broadband capped within the next 6-12 months. We all need to complain loudly and frequently to local, state and federal officials about the implicatons of these caps--unreasonable rates as well as killing net neutrality (all these big players don't just provide the pipes--they want to glut their pipes with their content--making multiple dollars off each customer while closing their pipes to competitors, through the use of caps for anyone else's content). The squeaky wheel truly gets the oil. If we only talk on forums like this but don't contact officials involved in regulating these industries, no one, especially the executives of these companies, will listen to us.