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This is a sub-selection from Hah


Moscow, PA
·Adams CATV
reply to older dog

Re: Hah

I wonder what Frontier was thinking when they purchased Commonwealth Telephone Company in northeast PA. Their main competition is Comcast and all Comcast has to do is get its CDV going and the people will start coming over from Frontier. Central New York however may have a problem, b/c TWC hasn't covered all areas of NY yet.

older dog

Just guessing it was the same out of touch executives or consultants who proposed that 5 gig was enough.

It truly is amazing, I am sure that the last thing Frontier wants is to have the Government regulate the broadband industry. Yet being the one to impose a cap so low that it is deemed absurd by all even the cooperate shills. They have moved us further down that road then any interest group could ever have dreamed of at this point in time.

Maybe the forthcoming regulation should be named after Frontier, say the "Frontier equal access and usage bill"