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This is a sub-selection from 5GB?

Skytop, PA

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Re: 5GB?

said by PDXPLT:

said by DaMaGeINC:

Forget downloading anything.
That's the whole point. As this story illustrates, they plan to offer services for sale over their pipe, by the Byte (or by the GB), and they don't want sales of those services cannabalized by their unmetered (but capped) internet access offering.

Those that don't like it can move to an area served by a different DSL proviver
Exactly, moving to cable service to ditch this 5GB bullshit !!!!

frontier can stick their pipe up their azz, after they pull their head out of it, unless they have enough capacity for both. Then by all means frontier, enjoy the experience of both options at once, your greedy executives certainly earned it.

frontier, you may want to carefully examine that same cavity to discover methods to attract new & retain current subscribers, who will not find 5GB 30 day BS limit attractive.

Goodbye Jackflush, Dishnet work and landline. Hello faster cheaper Comcast internet & cable service. Time to move over to Verizon cell.

Hey frontier executives BYTE my pipe you greedy bastid smart imbeciles.
It's easier to manipulate non-religious people, Ever hear of Communism?
With out religion your are more suceptable to manipulation. Look at china, they banned religion. It's much easier to manipulate people who don't have any religious convictions.