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Crunchin' For Cures
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Purple Zone

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***Just a Reminder*** - What is SCU?

So? What's This Forum All About?

This forum is for one on one guided assistance with Malware/Spyware/Adware/Infections

Please follow these steps outlined below first (click image):


»Security Cleanup FAQ »How to post for assistance

**Please be aware anonymous posts are sometimes delayed for review..
Be patient if you already posted, you will be able to see your thread subsequently***

•If you have security concerns, or desire discussions... post to the general »Security Forum

•If you haven't evidence of active malware or infection this is not the place for diagnosis - we do not "analyze" for the curious.

DO NOT run tools that we do not ask for!!!! See this post: »Re: Combofix by bcastner See Profile

•Noteworthy Notes on Compromised Computers..by CalamityJane See Profile

•If you are running Windows XP, SP1, SP2, or Windows Vista SP1:

Your operating system is out of date... Our helpers strongly recommend that you reformat your hard drive and re-install your operating system and programs. Please read the link above on compromised computers

When should I re-format? How should I reinstall? & How to Install, Reinstall, or Upgrade Windows

•DO NOT use a [Beta] version of any app unless asked!

•DO NOT make any changes to your system, or add/remove programs unless directed by your helper

•Threads are for one on one guidance.

•Let the helper respond. No one else may post to the thread.

•Follow the FAQ - it will tell you what tools we need you to run & what logs to attach to a post.

•If the OTL log is too big to fit in one post, please attach it and our gracious moderators will squeeze it in for you

•We DO NOT use HiJackThis any longer - so please don't post a log from it.

•If you are running a "cracked" or illegal copy of Windows or other software:
Please obtain a legal license, reinstall cleanly, and post back only if you believe you still have any malware issues.

•We do not handle business or work environments here. Or those on a network of pc's.
Please consult your IT and/or administrator for assistance.

•As a matter of "netiquette"- stick with one forum. Our helpers frequent many boards.
There should never be "duplication" of someone's time or efforts.