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Long Beach, CA

Linksys WRT54G + Westell F90-610015-06 = Success

1. Connect an ethernet cable from the Westell to your PC. Set up a static IP connection at, say,, subnet mask, gateway .

2. Using Internet Explorer browse to . The username is admin and the password is password. Expect to be made to change the username and password. You should then expect to be prompted for a Verizon DSL username and password.

3. Ignore everything you've read on the net about the Westell 6100, the F90 version is completely different. You won't be allowed to change configuration settings, most are done automatically.

4. Click on Go To Internet and see if you can surf.

5. Unplug Westell modem from your PC and plug in the Linksys router [, root/admin]. Use a static IP WAN address of Set the router's LAN address to .

6. Find and click the "Clone Mac Address" setting. This makes the Linksys router look like your PC to the network.

7. Set MTU=1400 in the router. Set opendns.com dns addresses in the router.

8. Have fun!