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[E-Mail] iPhone SMTP issues -- DC area

I'm on my second iPhone. The first worked perfectly both sending and receiving mail until March. Starting then, I started getting "server connection failed" messages when sending mail, though I continue to receive mail.

I took my phone to the Apple store and they told me RCN was blocking smtp mail due to spam. I checked on the net myself and found many complaints about this. But I've called RCN several times and beyond repeating the drone phrase "we don't support iPhone" over and over and over again they've acted like I'm crazy for suggesting there is any smtp blocking. The day I was in the Apple store two other RCN customers came in with exactly the same problem.

So, do I have to leave RCN in order to keep my iPhone? (The iPhone will win every time.) Are there any settings anyone can suggest that might work? If I buy a static IP will that help? Is there anyway to reach someone in tech at RCN who would actually know how to help me?

I've also noticed that I'm occasionally not getting email these days from group lists I'm on my computer (not just my iPhone specifically) until days later or not at all. Has RCN ramped up its spam patrol too tightly? I'm starting to think so.

I am beyond frustrated and would really appreciate anyone's help.

Joe Mirabella
Lanham, MD
are you on wifi when you are sending mail? behind a cablemodem?

if you are you need to change your outbound SMTP to RCN.. if you are on EDGE/3g you should have no issues with your phone because it is not behind the RCN network.

this will be the same with any provider who blocks outbound SMTP unless you relay through their servers while on net.
Joe Mirabella
VOD Systems Engineer
RCN Corporation


Joe, thank you very much for replying. I have experienced problems everywhere -- from wirelessly connecting from my cable modem at home to when I am connected to other wireless networks. I just switched my phone to the 3G network and made certain that the AT & T server was turned on and successfully sent test messages to myself. Thanks very much!

A question: If I purchase a static IP address, would that make a difference when I am trying to send email wirelessly or would that only work from my home computers (which are not a problem)?


reply to sandydc
What smtp server are you using?

If you're using RCN's server, then you may have trouble using it when you're not going through RCN (i.e., using other wifi networks).

If you're using some other smtp server, RCN *may* block it, but I think not. I know at home I use the gmail smtp server without any problems.

Note that this is not on an iphone, but on a computer, but I'm not sure why any of this would be different.

A static IP would not change anything.


Chicago, IL
reply to sandydc
I just wanted to quickly mention that this worked for me also - in Chicago. Trying to send messages while at work on WiFi results in an error message, but switching to 3G woked perfectly.

Thanks for the help!