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reply to Kylemaul

Re: Bury these already!

I expect that the electronics will generate a lot of heat, which will need venting.

My Internet search on 'm60521' is a mixed bag of ambiguous results.

Have you actually priced an excavation?

Looking at the VRADs on Castle Glen way, I expect that AT&T would have to dig a hole extending across the sidewalk to the fence, and to the edge of the pavement. The concrete for curb and sidewalk would have to come out, and then be replaced when the job is finished. Probably have to replace the fence, as well. And where will the access go? In the parking strip? I have no doubt that it can be done. I have serious doubts that it can be done for under $15,000.

As I said, $1500 will probably just cover the permits required by the city.
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How much do the permits cost to put them above ground? Same or less? As for venting, I don't think they would need very much if any. Conditions above ground are much hotter, and I haven't seen any significant vents in those. Underground is much cooler, even if the top surface is exposed.
Placement could be an interesting compromise: customers not wanting the "fridge" could possibly opt to place u/g further into their property line to avoid these (and hence avoid the expensive obstacles like sidewalks, etc?)