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This is a sub-selection from World's Biggest Douche....


Saint George, UT
reply to danclan

Re: World's Biggest Douche....

said by danclan:

its these typical short sighted assessments that led the cable co's to the hybrid fiber coax plants in the first place. Comcast had the chance to convert to all fiber but didn't.

The biggest richest men think long term 5+ years. Fios and Verizon are primed for that time frame. As are ANY full FTTH providers.

Its only a matter of time before Comcast and others will have to deploy FTTH. They may come up with some magic bullet in the mean time but they are just biding time.
You are absolutely right, but there is no "Magic Bullet." FTTH is the future, and I said this a long time ago, Verizon is the clear winner. It might cost them money now, but in the long run Verizon will be way ahead of who ever is in second place. Even AT&T's U-Verse is having trouble right now. If these Companies don't wake up soon most will fail and never catch up.