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Brooklyn, NY
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without merit.

The New York Times has no real credibility anymore (editorial or reporting). They do gangbusters in advertising... if you like that sort of thing. Do you own research before you reach conclusions about the state of each telco or cable provider (before you try enter into a discussion about the merits of any company's competitiveness in their footprint).

That said, MOST of us as BBR members know who's at the top & bottom of the industry and why. Telecom is a capital intensive business. Every several decades you have to upgrade your infrastructure either piecemeal or all at once. Government & customers won't leave it to companies to keep milking decades old technology until it rusts on the vine. At least, not without bringing them to task in the court of public opinion-- which could lead to regulation, or opening the footprint to competition. Perhaps people in the southwest U.S. like to have the lowest capacity broadband network in the country.. that could explain why the infrastructure is not anywhere near those in major metro areas outside the southwest.

The future is here (post 2000) and it only becomes more advanced, frenzied, populated, polluted and violent as we go along. There are those who for whatever reason try to sway public opinion against the grain.. and you must treat them with the same astro turf sock puppet grain of salt you would as a car salesman in the era of $5 gasoline (with dirty looks for not having electric, natural gas or hydrogen vehicles to sell).