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Sacramento, CA

Need help with 3COM 8807 Routing Configuration

Hey All,

I'm trying to configure a 3COM 8807 to do what I would term "source based routing". I don't know if that is actually the correct term.. maybe it's policy routing. But here's the situation:

I have servers that are connected directly to the 3COM switch through multiple VLANs. The 3COM switch has the extended license so we have full routing capabilities. We have connections to two ISPs from the switch, indirectly through 2 firewalls. Some of the servers on the switch have real IP addresses assigned from ISP 1 and the rest of the servers have private IP addresses. Right now all of the servers are routed to ISP 1 via static routes. What I would like to do is configure the switch so that:

1. ALL traffic to/from servers with the real IP addresses assigned from ISP 1 are sent out the gateway that connects to ISP 1.
2. ALL traffic to/from servers on private VLANs are sent out the gateway that connects to ISP 2 (NAT will be done on firewall for ISP 2).

I've tried using static routes but they only route based on destination IP address, which hasn't worked for us. What happens is that in some cases servers with real IP addresses are receiving data from clients on the Internet via ISP 1, and based on the routes on our 3COM switch the data is trying to respond going out ISP 2.

I guess my main question is how can I do routing based on source IP address. Anyone know if this is even possible using static routes - or at least without having to use routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, etc)?