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Re: Qwest Price for Life Terms Changed?

AH! but the question is really: what does Qwest define the term "lifetime" to be?

if it actually is the "lifetime of the PERSON ORDERING it" as most people would immediately think of, then yes, you have an argument, but only if you have it in writing!)

But, i personally think they consider "lifetime" to consist of only the 2 year contract... meaning they won't change rates on you in the MIDDLE of that 2 year contract period... and if that's the case, then you're S.O.L.

also, i have yet to see ANY contract, written or not, that did NOT have the little clause that says "these terms are subject to change at any time"... which in layman's terms it means they can do whatever the heck they want, whenever they want to, and you can't do squat about it, because you signed the contract where it was clearly stated that the terms could change... well they changed them... now you have to live with the changes, or go somewhere else for your needs.