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Orange, CA

I can live with that.

250 Gb is a REASONABLE cap.

So far, I have downloaded 50 Gb, and uploaded 60 Gb this month.... and I swear to God I have not downloaded/uploaded a single piece of copyrighted material - as far as I am aware.

Most of the upload is for my game servers, I run 5 OpenTTD servers on 1 PC, which is an Open Source Transport simulator with online play, which averages about 1.5 to 2 Gb of upload per day. Average map size to download when you connect is about 2 Mb, and I get hundreds of players a day, and then there is the continues traffic when playing. This is a game you can "leave alone" for quite a while, so players build up a train network, go afk for hours, then come back to build more train tracks.

Most of the downloading this month is Linux ISO's, I downloaded several DVD's earlier this month, Ubuntu, Debian, and OpenSUSE, and just to test how TWC's powerboost works with torrents I downloaded OpenSUSE 11.0 DVD twice last week. I also have an MSDN account and download most of the new stuff that MS comes out with, and test it within a virtual machine.

And then there is the regular e-mail traffic, online TV stations I watch, regular webtraffic, and there is two persons always on the computer - me and my wife.

There are so many persons that immediatly jump to conclusions. And I admit freely I have downloaded some movies in the past, but I rarely have time to watch anything but the news on TV these days, so I haven't bothered for a long time.... but I do like my geek stuff, my geek train games, and my geek linux things.

But 250 Gb.... I won't reach. I could even live with a 100 Gb cap if needed, but the caps that TWC is thinking of (5 and 20 Gb) are absolutely rediculous. And I would probably switch ISP with a 100 Gb cap too. 250 Gb however.... no problem!
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Houston, TX
You know, even Bill Gates never thought that a PC would need more than 640K of ram. You probably need at least of 1 GB to run Vista today.

Still feel that 250 GB will be a limit you will never reach ?
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Anime Freak

San Diego, CA
reply to maartena
So then if I use 10 GB of data how much will I get back in the mail? NOTHING in other words this cap is just another way to rip the users off, and put more control on their line. I'll be dropping cable if I see any cap on the line. This is ridiculous.

Orange, CA
reply to sturmvogel
said by sturmvogel:

Still feel that 250 GB will be a limit you will never reach?
No one said they can't reevaluate the cap in 2 years, and increase it to 300, and then to 350 in 2012.... or remove it all together. It doesn't say anywhere this cap is permanent till you retire.

But at least comcast puts up a decent number... I couldn't live with the 40 Gb other ISPs are proposing. I have TWC right now, and have no cap... but if they do impose one, i'll most likely switch if it is anything less then 150 Gb or so.