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Working from home.

Well, for the folks which work from home this is going to be an issue. Being a software developer I will exceed this cap along with my family usage. This is entirely unacceptable which Comcast pulls this from the rear of there butts. One of the problem Comcast has is they lease out their backbone network to L3 to due their maintenance contract when an outage occurs, this is expensive. You wonder where your money goes, huh!!

The downside is, I'm locked to Comcast as there is no one else around for high speed data. Verizon is on the horizon but not soon enough.


Deerfield Beach, FL
Upgrade to Comcast Business.


They won't be capping business accounts. Sure it is going to cost you more (not that much), but no cap!

Since you are a software developer, and probably have either a LLC, or S-Corp, you can write the cost off on your taxes, which I am sure you do now as part of your "home office".

Plus they give some more services with their business account. No, I don't work for crapcast, but have used their biz offering for my company in remote locations with good results. Could be worse, cap could be 250 gigs a month. I am sure AT&T DSL "pending" cap for 3-6meg customers is just waiting in the wings


reply to Anon567483
I'm in the same boat.
I manage a project that is open source. Free.
The donations that we receive barely pay the server costs. Most of the time I have to shell a few bucks out of my own pocket to keep things going.
I do have consideration for other users on my node and do my backups at night and at a slower rate.

This is going to hurt.