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Layton, UT
reply to caffeinator

Re: Qwest Price for Life Terms Changed?

said by caffeinator:

What I wish is that Qwest would share better across departments. It's ludicrous that in a multi-billion dollar corp. billing has no clue what sales did, or if tech sees data from anybody.

Seriously, I know more about my service than THEY do.

It's a compartmented system to the extreme and customers are the ones that lose on its inefficiency.

Found that out when I got DSL service, it was four months before the idiots on the phone knew I had DSL (and one "Technical" supervisor said the field techs did not know what they were doing). It was only when one sales rep listened and believed when I said that the tech at the box checked up and down the line and our area was live, and took the time to trace it out, that I got it. He was a collage student down in Salt Lake City area and doing sales as a part time job. Since he was getting ready to quit and take a two year leave of absence, he was just interested in helping instead of doing call quota (a rather poor way to evaluate support people).
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