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Stockton, CA

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Bandwidth Monitor for Computers-Suggestions?

Mod Note: Will Comcast provide a bandwidth meter? jlivingood See Profile says "yes." Here ---> »Re: Bandwidth Limits - Meter

December 2, 2008 update: »Comcast To Offer Bandwidth Use Tracker In January

»Exclusive Screens Of Comcast's New Bandwidth Meter

Ok, since its happened, and there are tons of choices online, can anyone suggest a good total consumption monitor I can use for each computer, that I can set to reset and record my usage each month, since Comcast suggests to do so on your own?

Feel free to move this if you wish, but everything I'm finding by "google search" as suggested so far only seems to record what you're doing while you're on, once you shutdown that data is lost.

Thanks for any input! Oh, and I would prefer XP/Vista compatibility since I have both OS's running on my LAN.

I don't think I'll ever get close, but since its part of the AUP now, I guess I probably should monitor my usage. I appreciate any input!

Think with this too it might be time....for broadband router makers to include consumption monitoring too