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I Am Legend
South Elgin, IL

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reply to Hayward

Re: The "is it 1080p" conundrum...

said by Hayward:

I don't believe I chastised anyone... name calling, etc... though maybe saying all too many do go for the coolness glitz, and low price, over actual researching something they are buying, and then say why is it not right.
My god your amazing. They create a thread with information and you have to jump in and slam it like all the others.

You say people should go out and do research. Well isn't reading this thread research?

But I guess you want people to look else where for information and not here. Unless of course it is you that is giving the information.

Why not just stay out of it.

Another useful thread polluted.
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K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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My first post, 3rd in thread is not frame rate related INFO??? Bringing in the motion factors, that go along with it, especially anyone into fast sports, where the 120hz refresh would be important, and why that is even if the broadcast rate is still 60hz. Might be worth the extra state of the art cost.

While cheaper 60hz would be fine for most interested in mostly normal speed things.

Yes hopefully the thread is useful info for those who haven't leaped yet, to cheap (for a reason... being dumped) 720p supposedly 1080 but really just down converting disappointments
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