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Valencia, CA
reply to pianotech

Re: Bandwidth Limits - All discussion here

You are almost correct on the water/gas/oil but you are way off on the cell phone minutes and internet bandwidth!

Cell phone "minutes" has/is/and always will be a scam. The problem is when everyone is doing it and you don't have a choice well...you don't have a choice. So if you want a cell phone, you pay for a minimum usage so to speak. Because if everyone paid only for what they use, the cell phone companies would be making any money.
It doesn't cost any less or any more to the cell phone company whether you talk for 1 minute or 600 minutes a month.
It's not like you are "wearing out" the transmitting tubes

Same thing with bandwidth, 10Kb,10MB or 100GB, it not causing them to "work any harder".

It will be funny if keyboards start having warranty warnings like instead of 1 year warranty, warrantee it for the first 2 million keystrokes or one year, whichever comes first. After all why not, car manufacturers do it by mileage or time.

Everyone tries to do as much as they can get away with.
And that includes both sides

Capping usage at least in principle, when all the providers try to get you to bundle the services, phone/tv/internet seems a most sleazy idea.

Next thing you know they will start filtering content....