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[video] Adam Savage's "Obsession with the Dodo Bird"

Cool presentation followed by questions about his show:

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Fascinating and very entertaining video to watch. Well worth spending an hour to view...

Thanks very much for that informative and eye opening video...

I was most impressed by the Q&A in the latter half where Adam explained how much commercial pressure Discovery lays on them when it comes to things like debunking tooth whiteners and hacking RFID. It's interesting to know that the almighty dollar still controls virtually everything we see and hear in the media and no one can seemingly escape its reach...

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Great find, and for anyone who thinks a hour is not worth it, here's a shot from a clip from Adam's pc. It's from an upcoming show about "sobering up.".
Do you mean Nikolai Tesla, the genius who invented alternating current electric power? Or Nikolai Tesla, the total nut-job?