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Tavistock NJ

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Re: Wouldn't Know

said by Matt3:

said by FFH5:

I did finally run across one I can document.
Signing in to my Hallmark.com account. It just locks up after providing sign in data and hitting submit. But that works fine in FF & IE.

I also found a description online of someone else with this problem. »expertlancer.com/google-chrome-m ··· essions/
Weird. I just signed in fine. The sign in didn't pop up in a window though? I also don't have the problems with Facebook the author mentions?

I wonder if there are a couple different builds of Chrome floating around out there? I'm running
I just solved this problem.

1st - I have the same release of Chrome you do.
2nd - I had chosen the option in Chrome to restrict how 3rd party cookies can be used. When I changed that to "Accept ALL cookies", it all worked OK.

But I do like to restrict 3rd party cookies. So I still consider this a bug because I restrict 3rd party cookies in IE and FF and it worked OK there.

I'll have to submit the bug report to Google again with comments on the 3rd party cookie involvement.
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