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World News Trust

Belvidere, NJ
reply to FFH5

Re: Internet utilization down internationally; BUT NOT in the US

said by FFH5:

»Deconstructing The Exaflood Myth
Between 2007 and 2008, average traffic utilization levels decreased from 31 percent to 29 percent while peak utilization fell from 44 percent to 43 percent.
The above is for international traffic utilization of the internet.

But checking the Telegeography news site, that is NOT TRUE for the US backbone.

» ··· ail=html
While utilisation on international links to Europe and Asia fell in 2008, they rose in the US & Canada and Latin American where traffic growth outpaced the deployment of new internet bandwidth.
Let's see the headline:

"Internet traffic is growing fast — but capacity is keeping pace"

Am I the only one noticing the cognitive dissonance between the headline and the above assertions?

And as regards the deployment of new bandwidth, can there possibly be some connection between this present attempt to jam a new pricing model down the throats of customers and the slowdown in deployment of new BB connections, thus resulting in "and just add water" data? Oh, heaven forfend.

And in the case of the cablecos, could some of this be the result of not wanting to split nodes? Case in point: In speaking to a Comcast Bucket Barbarian the other day, he was telling me about a recent node split they finally HAD to do: there was over 900 connections on the loop. He said that there were far worse loops out there, but management was completely disinterested in addressing them, until they became an issue that could go before the BPU.