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Ashburn, VA

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reply to S_engineer

Re: Let me just sum it all up:

said by S_engineer:

Why should anybody but YOU pay for the way that you prefer to live?
I'm concerned about having the choice to live the type of lifestyle I desire. Not everyone can own a castle, and I have no ambition to do so, but I would like my other choice to be something other than a miserable shanty.

said by S_engineer:

It's up to the shareholders to compensate their board members. if you want a voice in that process, then buy some shares instead of just standing there with your hand out!
This is precisely why I mentioned Mondragon in the first place. I think we have it backwards. The board of directors choose a CEO to operate what they see as a cold, faceless, money-generating entity. In the Mondragon model, the employees vote for and elect their management, oftentimes from a pool of their own workers. And this is not some idealistic pipe dream, there is a legitimate, successful working model right now in Spain.

Anyway, my knowledge of such things is obviously minimal, and I am just throwing things out there that intrigued me to see why types of responses I would get. I'm a long way from being set in my ways as far as this topic goes. Thanks for the civil discourse.

Chicago, IL
No problem about the discourse.
You will always have "discourse" when you suggest that people redistribute what they worked hard for to people that are envious of what they have. And the "Mondragon co-op" mentality only breads complacency, jealousy , and realistically would make everybody equally miserable.
Work hard and prioritize right, you'll get there.
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