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Waterbury, CT
reply to jmn1207

Re: price of bandwidth is going up

Your post simply ignores so many of the things that Comcast gives us at no cost. I was with adelphia a year and a half ago getting'm at 30Mb with powerboost.
Price difference? Zero.

How about all the extra channels..more hd content we're all getting? Price increase? Zero.

Comcast is a company like virtually every other one. In it to make money. They have seen their costs rise along with inflation like every other one as well. Programming costs..going up. How about the big ten network we get now? price How about gas prices to fuel their fleet of what must be thousands of vehicles? Seen a price increase for that since gas hit 4 bucks a gallon? Not me.

No one likes to see prices go up..but I think they are responsible about it and not out of line by any means when you consider all these points. And, it's not out of line at all when you consider you can get virtually everything they have for 4 or 5 bucks a day. Unlimited phone..long the premiums. Five bucks a day.
What else does 5 bucks buy you each day? A gallon of milk maybe? Cup of coffee and a donut perhaps? This service is not expensive when you look at it that way in relation to what we all spend our money on each day. i've posted before..I support caps and even metered billing. I really think it's come down to that with the way that some people abuse this network and service.
Comcast..nor their customers..are here to support the excessive usage of some people to the tune of 400 and 500 gigs a month. That is unreasonable to expect from a one price..residential service. And, it's time they pay the piper and not expect everyone else to subsidize that.
95% of people don't do it..and won't be affected. The other 5% may be..and that's something they'll have to deal with.
The Coyote captured the RR! Roadrunner Rick is now Comcastic!

Ashburn, VA
I would be happier if Comcast simply polished the current product rather than add more fluff. I don't need more HD channels, I just need the ones I do have to all look like ESPN for Monday Night Football or HBO on Sundays. They blame the carrier, the carrier blames the distributor, and the consumer is stuck with over-compressed sad looking medium definition bunk, at best. I would rather have stable 8MB speeds with reliable latency than a potential 16MB up to 24MB with hit or miss service. There simply is no real competition when it comes to service cost. If there is ANY competition, it is mostly with the fluff that can be added or the bundled savings offered for long-term commitments.

It's like a gas station charging $10/gallon but throwing in a nice .25 cent stuffed animal for my participation.

Thanks, but no thanks.