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Saint Louis, MO
reply to bandwidthhog1

Re: price of bandwidth is going up

Not that I am for caps:

You are talking apples and oranges. With the TV you can have essentially an infinite number of TVs watching the same channel(or different channels) without changing the load(barring PPV) on the system (it is broadcast). But with internet each packet sent or received generates a certain amount of load. Assuming 100 users are getting the same file from the same source you will generate 100 times more load than one person getting the file (it is not broadcast).


Irwin, PA
Fair enough, but if your argument is correct, then all the arguments justifying the chageover from pure analog the home to digital to the node as a means to free up bandwidth are then bogus are they not?


Saint Louis, MO
Again comparing apples and oranges:

The bandwidth we are talking about in this(TV) case is frequency. Think of an analog signal like a bell curve (big rounded hump). Now think of digital signals like spikes(they are still bell curve shaped just much, much, narrower). You can fit multiple digital signals in the same width (frequency range) that a single analog channel occupies.

When we talk about bandwidth on the HSI side we are generally talking about the percent of the channel (yes HSI has channels too) that is being used. Generally each HSI channel can handle 38mb downstream (less for upstream).