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Beverly Hills, CA
reply to FFH5

Re: Who is funding Odlyzko

Hm, I'd trust Odlyzko, before I trust the cable/phone industry in the US. They've been asking for subsidies, tax breaks and surcharges for years, to supposedly build the best network in the world. It was supposed to be here in the early 2000s, then in 2005.

Instead, now we are told they have to cap our usage, or the whole thing will grind to a holt.

I've been a life-long free-market Republican, but these current religious/hypocritical/protectionist trolls, have made a mockery of the free market and the party. And while spending like there is no tomorrow, they have ensured that the US network is stuck in the 1990s, and beholden to a handful of technologically-challenged, bean-counting, government handout-loving cartels.

Local loop competition through unbundling? Not while the "free-market" Bushies are in office. I guess we should hand our money, pray for faster internet to an "intelligent designer" and practice abstinence.

Read and weep: »www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co ··· _pf.html

Phew, got it off my chest....