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Re: Wouldn't Know

That's the thing, automated. Then they handed it over as a beta to the public. As I said to boot, if I owned Google and I wanted to make a splash, I'd go well ABOVE the automated and have staff test it out for a bit and write down problems. The better you make it before launch (beta or otherwise) the more it shows in your favor. First impressions count and they are the thing that win people over IMMEDIATELY. How many times in life have you gone to a place, had a bad feeling, and LEFT. Everyone has done that. People see this NEW search engine being riddled with problems, and they figure why not stick to time tested ones. Firefox is a great browser, and IT ONLY has 20 percent share of the market. Hence, for Google to win people over, I'd say they'd been better making this beta more of an "experience" than simply find our problems for us type deal via open source community.