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Capitalism breeds greed
Long Beach, CA

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reply to FFH

Re: Yep... business as usual

said by FFH:

said by Matt3:

This is not surprising at all and exactly what most people thought was going on.
And the "WE THE PEOPLE" crowd are now getting what they demanded - an announced & marketed hard cap. And instead of 1,000/mo of the very worst abusers getting booted, Comcast gets to boot many many more within a couple months of Oct 1(new rules give an extra 30 days beyond 1st month before termination). So say around Dec 1 or thereabouts, we can start reading all the woeful stories about how "I was not an abuser, but just an advanced user backing up my terabytes of disk storage".

Moral of story: "Be honest with your customers in the first place."
fixed for YOU
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