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Hinsdale, IL


This is the way AT&T works. If you are provided the link to the rate, it is easy to find. But by searching the web and AT&T's site it is impossible to find!

I had a similar experience with mobile phone rates in Mexico about 8 years ago. I couldn't find the rate so I called the customer support number to get the rate. Gues what? They lied to me and under quoted the rate by a lot.

I stopped dealing with the company after they did the same misquoting of rates a month later in London.

Never trust AT&T!

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
Similar experience here. Had used SBC to call NZ several times... wasn't very often tho, only occasionally. Not enough to pay for some special South Pacific international plan every month, etc. The rate was not discounted, but it wasn't outrageous... Always had been just under $1 per minute, roughly.

Well, SBC becomes at&t and somewhere along the way changes all their rates. No notification, either, but just changes them and posts them online, I guess. I find out the hard way when I get a $300+ phone bill for 33 minutes worth of calls. With all the fees and taxes it was well over $8 a minute. I was floored.

I protested and was given a link showing the international rates spelled out--- (minus taxes, and other fees I was hit with).... protest denied, bill remained in effect. Going to their website now and using their search it's a major chore to locate the actual rates.

I also wonder if all these "Stupid didn't read the contract" comments posters take into account the fact they change contracts and rates around on you.... how many of them go back and re-check and re-check constantly through the legalese to see what might have changed? I suspect very few.

Even with a contract, there's little excuse for such ridiculous charges, IMHO.
"Regulatory capitalism is when companies invest in lawyers, lobbyists, and politicians, instead of plant, people, and customer service." - former FCC Chairman William Kennard (A real FCC Chairman, unlike the current Corporate Spokesperson in the job!)