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reply to Karl Bode

Re: Yep... business as usual

said by Karl Bode:

It wasn't the average consumer demanding it. They weren't affected and were not aware of any problem. It was the well above average abusers demanding the clarification and a hard cap.
A strawman point and completely irrelevant. A significant number of customers, the Florida Attorney General and the FCC have proven Comcast was lying to customers, yet here you are, claiming whatever happens is those customers fault for .... what .... demanding honesty?

Your logic consistently both astounds and terrifies.
Karl, you don't understand. You are being painted as 'elitist', by being a "well above average" user. It's the only way they can sell their goods, by fear. Fear of the elite. Fear of taxes. Fear of regulations. Fear of equality. Make the other guy scary. That's how decisions are made by some. 'I can't win by being right, I'll win with FEAR'