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This is a sub-selection from Idiots

P Ness
You'Ve Forgotten 9-11 Already
way way out
reply to Corehhi

Re: Idiots

said by Corehhi:

said by EPS4:

"at&t flagged my account while I was away overseas and I had no contact with my family! That was really bad of them, they shouldn't just close off people's accounts like that!"
I grew up without cell phones or the internet or 911 or answering machines(they didn't come around until high school for most people I knew). I tell you, you guys sound like it's the end of the world if you don't have immediate access to everyone.
and to think your parents or grandparents grew up without radio or TV.

I tell you, your generation sounded like the end of the world if you did not have radio or TV. god forbid we tried to take away your so called rock and roll.

i love the retarded....
www.stopfcc.comI do not think the government needs to restrict free speech especially on a device that has an off knob.