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Motorola DCX 3200/3400 - available in any markets?

I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we brought home a Motorola DCH3416 a few months ago (maybe 4-6). It doesn't crash (Bingo!), but I was wondering what the new Motorola DCX brought to the table.

I read that it's Tru2Way compatible (a new cable platform to have hardware and software manufacturers and cable systems all collaborate together: www.tru2way.com) - largely supported by Comcast.

Assuming that this will be available in a few months, I'm wondering - What are the hardware improvements? Any new software features (ex: whole-house DVR?)
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Burlington, MA
I wouldn't assume anything about availability. The DCT/DCH series boxes work fine, and there is nothing (financial) that's driving MSOs towards DCX boxes. They are being deployed in at least one area soon, but I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't common in most areas for years.

Omaha, NE
The only advantage is the upgraded tuner in the DCX line. The current DCT/DCH can also handle Tru2way.

Reading, PA
reply to AquaSport
How about faster processor, more memory, mpeg4 support, larger hard drive, smaller footprint...

I'll take one over my slow as shit dct-6412.

Why not now?
Pittsburgh, PA
You put IGuide on that DCX box and it's shit will be just as slow! IGuide is built for single threaded hardware manufactured in 1997 (which is why ALL commands are queued, including your commands and the head-end issued commands).... it has to be, unfortunately, for compatibility. Tru2Way apps don't have to be compatible with anything except the tru2way API, hardware is for the hardware manufacturer to make compatible.

The DCH's manufacturing lines were reduced by almost 80%, the DCX's will be 100% of the manufactured boxes by Moto (exluding the QIP's for U-Verse and Fios) by next spring. Doesn't mean you'll ever see one... do you have any idea how many MILLIONS of DCT and DCH boxes are out there with nothing wrong? Attricion will take over, but hell, just converting a DCH box to tru2way will be such a large improvement the DCX's can wait until it's absolutely necessary (IPTV Mpeg4 VoD is coming). With very few changes and only one major change to the DC* series of boxes over the last decade, it's had one GREAT run. Opinions on performance vary, but the damned things are still selling.

Reading, PA
I-Guide on my DCT-700 runs circles around I-Guide on my DCT-6412!

Let's get rid of this I-Guide garbage before it's too late and everyone goes to Fios/Uverse/DirecTV/Dish Network. Hell, I'm considering a TivoHD now, just to get rid of that junk. Unfortunately my gadget/toy spending is frozen now to pay for an upcoming wedding next month... So, we'll see what happens, but for the good of Comcast, someone somewhere needs to get the ball rolling and turbocharge deployment.