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Phoenix, AZ
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Re: More scum preying on the misinformed.

said by id_deleted:

It pretty sad that people have to suffer this kind of risk simply because they dont know that an alternative exists. You no longer need to download song files illegally as there is a system called HD RadioPC available now that can provide all the free ultra high quality mp3's you could ever want, and it's completely legal.
is this radio only or do they let you search for what you want to hear?
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Salt Lake City, UT

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No searching capable, but one would look at it more like a brute force search approach with the shear number of songs that result ensuring that you will obtain the one of particluar interest within a short time. Of course you would not set it to record a country station if you are interested in a RAP song, but that should be obvious.
I am fond of the 60's and 70's oldies, and some of the songs I have recorded are not likely to "ever" be found as a download, many are not even available for purchase at iTunes. Some of the older songs I have from the 50's are from original vinyl broadcast digitally over HD Radio, and with the older original source vinyl becoming so rare it would simply cost a fortune to obtain them otherwise.