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Bluffton, SC
·Hargray Cable
reply to YayOtters

Re: Idiots

said by YayOtters:

That sounds like a big issue....
I like the idea of a company trying to protect me from charges made by people using my card, but without an easy way of working things out (over the phone), it's a bad system.

And the number better be on the card to resolve the issue as well. I had an issue with my debit/credit card saying that it was over its limit or some crap and the only number on the back was an ATM finder and a number for the local office, which would've been closed that day anyways. A number to Visa's center would've been much more efficient. My issue solved itself luckily though, I just went to a different booth for tickets and it worked normally...Weird.
That red flag thing is a major issue. They tell you to call a head of time and tell the CC company that you will be out of town and spending more than usual.

Another point is hotels will block out more money then your room bill on your CC so if your close to your limit you can run into trouble that way.

Here's what happened to my debit card. A clerk had a CC machine that didn't read the card well or something was wrong with it. He ran my card 3 times and the next time I tried to use my card it didn't work. I had to call and what they said was my card was flag because it looked like someone was trying to use the debit card but didn't know the pin??? Be aware that if you use your debit card and something isn't working right it very well may be flagged.