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daisy chain wireless network with 3crwer100-75, 3crwe554g72

hi all!
i am a student taking industrial training. my company assigned me a task to build a wireless network within the warehouse.

i have to daisy chain 3crwer100-75(,DHCP off) and 3crwe554g72(, DHCP off)(that's what they currently have)as wireless access points to vigor2910(, DHCP range to which work as the main, DHCP server to assigns ip address to wireless clients.

i have a feeling of they won't able to work because only one of them support WDS. there's my question: "is these equipments possible to work to form a wireless network in same SSID and WEP password? please suggest me some solutions(like which model should i used or how to configure them)?"

any help will be appreciated


p/s: i able to ping each of them in wired form. however, for wireless clients it shows "limited or no connectivity", and the DHCP ip address of them were not in the right subnet they should be in. if i set those ip address manually, those laptops PDAs still unable to ping any routers from the daisy chain.

please help...


Milford, MA
Trying to read in to what you're saying here, both routers must support WDS. If you need WDS, you should ONLY use routers that are the same model.

Configuring WDS can be tricky. You need to know the RADIO mac addresses (not the lan mac addresses) for the remote units from both sides.



thanks teek. radio mac address..is it wireless mac address?

i forgot to tell, although the 2 3com w/routers not in same brand, i set the one has WDS as repeater(WDS-STA mode) and seem like it works and PDA able to connects and ping them wirelessly.

but if i try them connect with vigor2910(itself does not have wireless feature), as i told, i unable to ping them wirelessly and seem like there got problems between DHCP server and wireless client.

my supervisor give me a hint or suggestion of set one of the wireless router as bridge but i can't found any guides or instructions of how to configure these 2 3com models as bridge. now i become confuse...what i suppose to do? my boss won't accept answer like"i can't made it". any help?


OK TEEK, i finally made it. they are works! still need to test them more specific, hope the roaming works...