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[TWC] Under 1Mbps after 8:30 PM (Syracuse, NY)

You think 3 or 4.5 Mbps is bad?

I just switched from Verizon DSL to TWC last week. All speed tests were performed using TWC's own test on a local Syracuse server, at


I also verified these results using the speed tests here at dslreports. They are always the same or slower than the local Syracuse TWC speed test.

Speeds are good during the day, around 9-10 Mbps. Around 6 pm they drop down to 6, which still is acceptable to me.

But by 8:30 PM over the last several days, speeds drop down to 800 kbps to 1.3 MBps. I've been testing for hours and I've yet to see any speed over 1.3, usually under 1.0. Slower than the crappy Verizon service available here! I am not happy, to say the least.

I stayed up and tested this last night until 3 AM and there was no difference - stayed between 800k and 1.3M the whole time.

I found an old thread from January 2007 where people were reporting a similar problem in Central New York, but no activity on it recently.

»[TWC] Performance problems every night in CNY?

I wish I could say I don't believe they wouldn't have done anything about that in all this time, but sadly I do. Although, I am not experiencing the problems during exactly the same times of days that person.

Anyone else in my area having these kinds of problems? And, in general, any advice how to deal with TWC when I call tomorrow? I assume the problem can't be on my end because I get good speed during the daytime.


PS Just tested it one last time, 905 kbps down. What a @*#&$^% joke.