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San Diego, CA
reply to pnh102

Re: Impressive

said by pnh102:

said by RR Conductor:

Republicans proposing delivered help for the middle and lower classes? It DEFINITELY must be an election year.
Fixed it for you.

Thanks to GOP tax policies, the top 1% of income tax payers pay almost 40% of all the income tax paid. The top 5% pay almost 60% of all federal income tax. The top 10% pay a little over 70% of all federal income tax. The top 25% pay almost 86% of the the federal income tax. The top 50% of earners pay almost 97% of all federal income tax.

»www.irs.gov/pub/irs-soi/05in05tr.xls (line 174)

Anyone who suggests that the middle and lower classes pay any appreciable tax is always completely and totally mistaken, or is lying. The IRS confirms it.
No, the IRS only output numbers. It did not adequately define "middle" class. Likewise, "Middle" class changes from state to state, coast to coast, city to city, even down to the subcommunity level.

Looking at San Diego CA, if I wanted to show measurable income stats, technically "middle class" would be about $300,000/year. That's because of places like Eastlake and Rancho Santa Fe, as well as some downtown central areas where the living arrangements are in the millions of dollars. But that's not accurate is it?

Take Fort Smith Arkansas. "middle class" out there is likely to be about $30-35k/year. That's because it doesn't cost nearly as much to get by as it does in other areas.

Classes are determined by (a) the money you make vs. (b) the money you have to spend to get by. Not one or the other. You have to consider both.

That said, the IRS figures are inflated. Of course 50% of taxpayers pay 90% of the taxes; Look at all of the people who don't file. Look at all the people who are unemployed. Look at all the people who file falsely. If EVERYONE with a source of income...any income: gambling, use tax, etc etc etc...filed their tax forms properly, that percentage would drop sharply. Guaranteed.

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Mount Airy, MD
You can quibble all you want, but the IRS is the supreme authority when it comes to income taxes in this country.

If you want to challenge the IRS in the way it computes statistics, go right ahead.
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