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How to block? Name Unavailable / Unknown Name 000-000-0000

I am unable to block a call from Name Unavailable 000-000-0000.

I have used Routing Options to send it to busy, voicemail, forward, etc., but it keeps coming in.

Does anyone know how to block it?

I have answered it before, but there is nobody on the call.



If anyone else is having this problem, I found a way to stop it!

I added a 1 to the beginning of the number, which started blocking it for me!

I think I may have some fun with them now and send them to a rejectionhotline.com number!


Winthrop Harbor, IL
On any of these type calls, I either send to the reject hotline, or if the full number comes up, I will send it back to themselves. There is always the White House switchboard, local FCC office, radio station hotlines, and takeout joints. I have also been known to forward the calls to somebody that has most recently pissed me off.(not that I am suggesting nor condone).
The stop calling message is also kinda cool. It states the number has been blocked, and to stop calling.
Always nice to have some fun!



Stow, MA
Also, if you have unlimited inbound and your own pbx (like asterisk), you can just park them and let them listen to elevator music until they hang up.

making really tiny tech things
reply to TJ_in_IL
said by TJ_in_IL:

I have also been known to forward the calls to somebody that has most recently pissed me off.(not that I am suggesting nor condone).
Great idea, TJ! What's your number?
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Mason, OH
Use CrazyPete number.


Winthrop Harbor, IL
reply to n1zuk

(Those in the Chicago area will know what I mean!)


Cherry Hill, NJ
I like getting original on some of these. I had one annoying sales guy who would not stop calling me so I finally re-routed all his calls to his boss' extension. That worked great. This also works nicely for any annoying debt collectors. I had one for a medical bill that was paid but they wouldn't get me out of their system.

In this case I had it go right to their own voicemail. I wish I could have been there to see their face on that one.


Winthrop Harbor, IL
That's nothing!
I had a persistant debt collector keep calling for the person that used to have my number before me. Let me tell you... this guy was a real ass. The biggest mistake he made was giving me his name. After repeted calls to him to stop calling me, and him hanging up on me, and then him not answering, I googled the company (obtained from calling back the number), found the city/state, zabasearched him in the area, and got his home number. I spoofed (I know, illegal) my number to his home number, and called him back. He answered the phone so polite and nice and said "hi honey, what's up?" My reply... "wow, you're not a complete ass all the time?" He was shocked! "How did you do that? That's illegal! What the hell!" I merely told him his company was doing the same (spoofing) and wanted him to know he wasn't messing with just anybody. I told him that was nothing compared to what will happen if I get another call from his company.
Calls stopped.