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Bethlehem, PA

just been given termination

according to the plan from Service Electric TV and ProLog they are gonna cut off my internet service for too much bandwith use, even though in the contract taken up with Service Electric and ProLog there were no restriction on bandwith usage.

so i am losing service in 3 days from now. how nice.

anyone else run into this problem with them ?


Gouldsboro, PA
How much bandwidth did you use?
I have 3 computers running , with heavy gaming on 2..plus my son downloading every game steam has..and a VOIP phone....
and I average about 80 gigs down and 15 up.....
never got a warning once....


Hawley, PA

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I got two warning letters. They said one more and I would be cut off. The thing of it was I had no idea what the limits were. I finally called them and asked for the limits on their 15/2 plan. They said it's 80Gigs down and 45Gigs up. Since then I havent went over their limits.

They have a site you can check once an hour to see what your usage is for the month. It also lists your previous months usage. You can find it at »www.engr.ptd.net/ and then click on Residential Cable Modem Utilization. Just click it once. It can take a few seconds to show the chart but you can only check once an hour. If you click it twice it won't show your info.

I do agree that bandwidth caps stink. I came from OOL with 30/5 speeds and no caps. Verison Fios has similar packages. This tells me it's certainly possible and profitable to offer a service with high speed and no caps. This also tells me having these caps is either pure greed or not having the business sense to upgrade their networks. I don't appreciate these letters stating I'm "abusing" their network. Everyone knows in this digital age everything is downloadable. Theres plenty of legal services that offer 6GB+ movies, 12GB games, etc.

PTD's only option for removing the caps is getting a business plan which is like 5 times as much for half the speed and you also have to sign a contract. Not very economical. In any case I think they only suspend your account for a month or so, then you can reconnect. Good luck to you.

Andover, NJ
Thanks for the link to the data usage page. I have been looking for that for again for a while. Used to use it but lost track of it a few months ago.

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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to fbj
The TOS they made me sign said 100GB each way. I have 30/2 DOCSIS3 and I'm on SE Cable/PTD (Sparta NJ).

Initially it was 40GB each way when I had 10/1 service. That's now 60GB each way.