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Grand Prairie, TX
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Re: Uverse DVR not Local?

I have been getting calls and adverts from UVERSE. I only want the internet because of this and other limitations of the TV service. When I first got Direct-TV, I was not happy when a storm caused me to lose signal, but I have now discovered that I have way more stuff in the DVR than time to watch it, so when a storm interrupts tv service, I just watch something I have recorded. And TimeWarners Road runner doesn't care if there is a storm or not, it just stops working for no good reason all the time.


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VoIP portion of the Uverse does have email notification for new voicemail, but unlike Vonage the message itself is not in the email. It only contains the time and number of the caller. It also supposely has SMS notification if you have AT&T wireless, but I haven't tried it since I am currently on Sprint.

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I would love to one day switch from D* but the reasons keep piling up, for why I shouldn't!
That's exactly the situation I'm in. I have U-Verse MAXX internet only, Vonage, DirecTV and AT&T Wireless IPhone 3g service.

I was on the fence for switching my VOIP back to U-Verse but it doesn't have the email voicemail feature. My wife has an IPhone 3G so if some feature comes along that integrates with that I'd bring my business back.

I also want to get another HD-DVR from DirecTV but I'm not thrilled about spending another $200 and renewing my committment. It sounds like a no brainer to go to U-Verse with it's total home DVR but when you start reading up on it you find that while it has some really novel features, certain baseline features are just missing in it's current and foreseable future.

It doesn't help that AT&T employees spread FUD by claiming that it can do something that it can't really do in the field.


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Does anyone know how to watch recorded shows (from ATT U-Verse via total home DVR option) on vista media center? I can see regular channels from u-verse in MCE but not my recorded shows channel (9999). The downloaded guide does not have the DVR channel and when I add it manually there is no data. Media center only registered to send numeric and OK buttons. I can cheat media center by changing to DVR channel on the ATT box only (not via Media center remote) and at least see or navigate the line-up of recordings while media center thinks I'm still on the active channel, but as soon as I start a show, the feed via S-Video turns blue until I change to another channel. Is this also related to communication with u-verse DRM or am I missing something. Do you think this will be resolved if channel 9999 becomes available in the downloaded guide or is this more complex?

I can record on media center, but cannot see recorded shows from att via media center ... I am moving in two weeks and want to record all my shows in media center one-by-one since there is no way to download the recordings. I think with s-video there should be no DRM violations (not high-def recordings), so I am leaning towards media center as the culprit - I might be way off though ...

Thanks to anyone who can help.


update - I can actually see the blue screen on several channels (seems random). Other channels however seem to work just fine (both standard and premium digital channels). Perhaps the blue screen is not related to the recorded shows channel only. However, navigating on a remote system can still only happen with the non-MCE remote direct to the device (MCE cannot control navigation on a displayed S-Video signal (of course). It's navigation keys are built for MC and only channel numbers / OK are transmitted. Either way, anyone with ideas about how to get the channels to display longer than two seconds before turning to blue screens - much appreciated.

Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable
Your capture card is probably detecting macrovision and MediaCenter is respecting it. Other people have reported similar problems trying to use DVD recorders with U-Verse.

You probably will need to add a device that blocks macrovision. They're typically called "Video stabilizers", check ebay, they're around $40.

-- Rob

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