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Martinez, CA

Bresnan Lying to there Customres and there call center staff

I have been a customer of Bresnan since the inception of there triple play service here in Missoula. I can say that from the moment they brought it online the service started to go downhill from there. I have had techs to my location at least once a month for various reasons. 1st it was w/the Telephony modem, then it was line quality problems, we'll replace the drops, replace the Tap, replace the amp, replace the entire home run etc. there at the position now "We'll forward this on to Tier Level II" and I still have had no results. I have asked for explanations and I get every kind of excuse there is. This has been going on for over 2 yrs. We have no real problems w/the phone "Unless the modem goes down" which it does randomly all the time. I decided last week to start shutting off extra services, called CS reiterated my position and told her to shut off HBO and that every week until something was done about there problems in MIssoula I would be shuting off a service "SHE DIDNT BAT AN EYE" no problem well shut it off. She didnt even care they were loosing service. We'll a supervison must have been monitoring the call because he called back his name is Dennis and hes in the Wyoming call center he tried to talk me out of dropping pkgs. I told him no that this is the way were gonna do it, that Bresnan needs to see that were not gonna stand around and take the lies anymore, The fastest way for someone to realize they have problem is to hit them monitarily in the wallet. He was a very nice guy trying to do his job, the call center people are not the Techs there also lied to by bresnan as to what to tell us. Dennis went on to offer me Speed plus. I asked dennis what would speed plus would do that the basic package didnt do. "at this point i'm still playing stupid" he said that the increased bandwidth would knock the bugs outta the system and give me better speeds on the internet. really I respond I didn't know by increasing your speed it could do that. Oh ya he says it works. So I let them increase me to the speed plus pkg for 3 months. I ran some speed tests "AT PEAK TIMES" and there at the same speed I had w/the basic packge, did I get faster D/L speeds YES at off peak times like 3:30 am but when everyone comes home from work back to the slow speeds. Now that I am armed w/my evidence I went back to Bresnan and really let the cat outta the bag. I called them up on our backdoor tech line ID myself and asked to speak w/a supervison "by name" when he got on I told him who I was " Hi this is Triple Play Tech BLAH BLAH Tech # XXXX" hi how are you doing been awhile since I talked to you, yea I dont work in the bresnan market anyore but I still live in Msla. What can I do for you today are you on a install, no I'm trying to figure out why my service is so bad here in Msla. He pulls my file and says my god this has gone on to long 2 yrs of bad service. I say more like 2yrs of Lip service we laugh and get down to brass tacks. We discuss how bresnans Headend in Msla is antiquainted and old, the equipment was out of date the second they installed it, there phone system is not a true VoIP its a TDM system they get there line from IDT so you dont have a VoIP phone. The list goes on and on and on. Bresnan has no intention of fixing this by upgrading, they will continue to pile on customers on already overloaded lines. When HSD was introduced in Msla it was fast but as subscribers were added it started to bottleneck Bresnan was aware of this through internal memos generated at the Missoula Headend to the Corporate Office. It doesnt take a whole lot of brain power to figure this out. back when they 1st brought out HSD it ran fast during peak times it would slow a little "but that is to be expected" now 2 yrs later when college is out and peak time occure you slow way down, when college is in and you have 20,0000 people added to the system in town during peak times it slows to a crawl or the node goes offline. Everyone should call in and start complaining that's the only way were gonna remotely get what were paying for start by shuting off a premium service like HBO or Showtime just for 30days if they start getting a rash of these downgrades believe me someones gonna notice. We can be mice or men stand up for yourself dont let the corporate giant eat us alive. If you took your car to a mechanic and he gave you this kind of service, "I dont know what it" or "thats not our problem" or "our network works fine its beyond our control" or "we'll send someone out to look at it only to find out when he gets here that he cant find a problem EVER" but I need you to pay me in advance for services you haven't even used yet and probably wont get, because we bill you a month in advance. START ASKING THAT YOUR ACCOUNT BE AUDITED AND YOU BE REIMBURSED FOR EVERY OUTTAGE THAT EVER OCCURED "if they didnt provide the service" "service outtage or poor speeds" by law they have to reimburse your account. This is the way Bresnan wants to play so I say lets PLAY BALL.

Powell, WY
Does the Missoula CMTS feed through the Billings PoP? I know ours does here in Powell, WY after going through Cheyenne first. I hardly ever get downloads faster than 4Mb/s here in Powell on their 'speed plus' tier. During the day I get more around 1-2Mb/s if even that. I hit 15Mb/s speedtests at about 3AM, but still not downloads. I hit 4Mb/s at that time, 1-2 during the day.