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DON'T Switch to Primus!!!

I've been a long -term Bell subscriber, but changed to Primus because their rates were cheaper. I then spoke to someone at Bell, (yes, should have done this first), who offered me a competitive rate. When I called Primus to cancel my order (more than 48 hours ahead of the time the switch was to be made) Primus refused to cancel the order!! So now I"m stuck with the cancelation fee and the first month's payment!

Another thing- Primus Customer Service is THE WORST! The shortest amount of time I waited on hold was 45 minutes, the longest was over an hour... And once you finally get someone on the line they are not helpful in the least.

SO, please learn from my mistakes- DO NOT USE PRIMUS! Just use their rates to negotiate a better deal with Bell. And if you end up with someone unhelpful with Bell (there are good and bad), just hang up and call again.


Thanks for the information--prices for Primus bundle seems very good but things may not be as good as with Bell.


·Primus Telecommu..
reply to DontchoosePrimus
Whatever bud, I've had Primus for over a year and a half now and NEVER one problem! (Except for Bell's traffic shaping, which can be easily defeated) Bell is the WORST ISP in the world, their prices are NOT competitive, they will only offer you a better deal if you threaten to cancel. Check out what they offer compared to Primus, it's not even close! (up to 7mbps, no caps, 34.99/month! What are those losers at Bell going to give you?)

Do some research before coming in here and telling people Primus sucks. Bell sucks, period.

Brampton, ON
reply to DontchoosePrimus
I echo xsbell See Profile here. Got Primus light bundle for my parents a couple of weeks ago. Everything from sign up to final installation was trouble free. The connection is rock solid, knock on wood. At the price, what they are offering can't be beat.


Nepean, ON
reply to DontchoosePrimus
- More or less I am satisfied. Over 3 years with Primus @ Ottawa.
- Pros and Cons are always there in any company.

- The reason not prefer to switch is
=> No BW cap, as per my record I use over 300GB/month
=> Very close to CO, modem sync 13M/900K

- Have I encountered frustrating issues ? Sure did. Once resolved found the stupid cause behind. I guess thats a norm of the IT world