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Zylex p-660r-d1 help plz!

I'm trying to port forward my router to play a server for flight simulator 2004 the required ports to forward are:
UDP; 2300-2400, 6073, 23432, 23456. i have port forwarded all these ports and here a pic to show how i did it:

Here is a pic of my static ip just to check if its correct:

Iv done all this correctly i think yet when i try to find the server it still wont appear and when i check if my ports are open it still says they are closed or stealthed!
I'm using norton antivirus. im not sure what else could be blocking the ports any help will be greatly appretiated.

heres a picture of my routers gui home page structure (it looks nothing like the one they show on portforward.com and that didnt help me at all):




Also forgot to add i have no menu under my telnet submenu.


Alhambra, CA

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I thought all P660R units have a firewall built-in as well, which may be your issue, but I don't see a firewall menu in your screenshots. When you type help after logging into the unit through telnet, which commands does it give you, and have you tried just turning on the uPnP?


reply to Louisp

After going through the user guide, I didn't see any firewall or SPI firewall settings either Riuski (Unusual for a Zyxel modem/router that I have seen) louisp, I would suggest calling tech support they should help you out on this one. Here is the number, I called it plenty of times and they are great (only had one bad experience out of 100+ calls) 1-800-255-4101 in case you didn't have the number -=)