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Marietta, GA
reply to kamm

Re: TMO was always and still is pathetic...

I like my 300 Kbps EDGE (in Atlanta), good customer service (never had a problem), good coverage (where I drive to in this country), cheap roaming to Canada (important to me.. 49c/min vs 69c/min or more at other carriers), and REALLY good prices:

1000 minutes, 2 lines, My Faves - $60
400 Messages (Text, Picture) - $5
Unlimited Blackberry Service - $20 ($15/mo less than everyone else)

Total Cost: $85

Closest AT&T plan in price(other carriers available in Atlanta with national roaming are similar):

550 Minutes, 2 lines - $60
200 Messages - $5
Unlimited Blackberry Service - $35

Total Cost: $100($15/mo), and you get half the messages and a little over half the minutes, and that's not with MyFaves to offset the per-minute usage.


Lagrange, GA

Exactly....you're in Atlanta. You leave Atlanta and you will have a hard time finding a signal.


Marietta, GA

To be honest, the one place I have a hard time getting a signal at is on I-85 from I-985 until you get to the Suncom service area (read: the areas that T-Mobile roams on AT&T.. so its really poor AT&T coverage).

I get a really good signal in TN (thanks to AT&T), and also KY, OH, MI, IL, FL, Atlanta, IN, IA (thanks to i-wireless), MN, and the parts of ND i have visited.

Not born yesterday
Atlanta, GA
reply to CSU

said by CSU:

Exactly....you're in Atlanta. You leave Atlanta and you will have a hard time finding a signal.
I've never had a problem getting a signal most anywhere I've traveled. Typically, when I'm away with some friends, it is my phone that has a signal while they (on Sprint or Verizon) are dropping calls and getting very poor signals. Also, when I go to Europe or Asia, I can purchase a pre-paid SIM at the airport and simply use my phone wherever I am without paying roaming charges.

If I didn't get good service, I would change carriers, which I did when I dropped Sprint after only 8 months. I've been with T-Mobile over 2 years now and have no plans to change.
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