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reply to tiger72

Re: iPhone customers are getting a deal here:

said by tiger72:

Kinda hard to make that assessment just yet. The G1, being Android-based open-source and with open access to applications will become the hackers'/coders' "dream" handset. There are a lot of features that the G1 doesn't come with natively that can easily be added by 3rd parties (ie Exchange syncing, etc..). The iPhone's closed source and software policies severely limit innovation.
Actually any user/hacker/coder can jailbreak their iPhones and do whatever they want. So far Apple hasn't tried very hard to keep people from doing that - not exactly a secret as people have been doing it over a year now. Also, the software policies can and probably will change as OS X Touch matures.

The G1 is a T-Mobile device (made by HTC). T-Mobile is free to take Android and do whatever it wants with it. They can in fact "close down" the OS if they so desired. Just because Android is "open source" doesn't mean the end-user will be free to do whatever they want. Not sure why people seem to think this? An excerpt from Ars Technica on the reasoning for distributing Android under the Apache Software License rather than GPL...

"The ASL will allow individual handset makers to develop proprietary customizations for the platform as needed to accommodate the unique technologies in their individual products."