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Cincinnati, OH

Battle of the Titans

Apple vs. Google

I think Google will greatly improve the software/functionality. However the 1GB cap is truly offensive to users of these type phones.

Apple has the deficit of a fragile new shell and pitifully short battery life.

Apple has the upper hand right now but Google could leap ahead in a couple more years IF they choose to take the phone seriously and IF the carrier comes up with a better plan and service.

Google is a force to behold. Apple should not play this game assuming that they are too big to fail inasmuch as the iPhone is concerned. Google has the brightest people on the planet in its corner all over the globe.

Mac Convert

Athens, GA
You say that it has a pitifully short battery life. What phone are you using? I have mine and had it for almost a year now. Having it check my e-mail regularly. Browsing the web, forums, games, applications, iPod, and everything else it easily provides me 6 hours of use before it needs to be recharged. If I wanted to improve that I would easily just turn the e-mail off. If you are talking, playing, browsing, and such on a phone more than 6 hours without being near something that can charge it then I would reconsider your need for a data phone and more push toward a laptop and portable generator.
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Cincinnati, OH
Re: Battery
I'm talking about the short battery life of the new Apple 3G iPhone.

You can easily search the web to find review upon review of the short battery life. I spoke to an associate who says that it can last as long as his old iPhone IF he turns off every new feature that the 3G iPhone offers. This of course would negate the need to upgrade from the previous iPhone in the first place.

Re: iPhone
I see me using the iPhone for phone-calls, email, text messaging, stock trading on the go, and gleaning the news highlights throughout the day via the internet.

For this I need a reliable unit with at least 10 hours of standby time, a type-able keyboard interface (such as the Helio Ocean has), good volume and blue-tooth functionality, and multiple charging options like pc/ac/dc.

I do not need a phone

to replace my MP3 player, watch TV & video, or open/close my garage door.

For the future, I'd like to be able to easily utilize web applications with my phone and continue to do those things above easily and effectively.
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