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Muddy Field

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reply to Doctor Four

Re: [Scam] Anthony Morrison - Hidden Millionaires Infomercial

I think it's time again for a *bump* on Anthony Morrison and his Hidden Millionaires.

While I am here, this was an interesting read... A user at »www.friendsinbusiness.com/board1 ··· d/137432 asks:
I've been laid off for a year next month, been out of unemployment for a while now living off of very little savings & no jobs around. Either too qualified or not enough. Is this gig seminar going across the country for real? I'm thinking about attending one in Pittsburgh? Can anyone elaborate on this? hiddenmillionaires.com
And a user named "Anthony Morrison" replies:
This is Anthony Morrison. I have read this thread carefully and encourage all of you to come visit me in person at one of my events. We don't mind if you don't bring your wallet, credit cards, or a check. I always encourage people to think before investing in anything, especially at a seminar. I think if you have an hour or so you owe it to yourself to come visit me IN PERSON and ask me anything you feel appropriate. Judge for yourself if my conference is something you enjoy or dislike. I am certainly not saying that everyone is going to love me, but I do know thousands who do.

I enjoy meeting people. And I really would love the opportunity to share with you all my system and my story. You won't find many "business owners" that will respond to threads like this, however, I take an active interest in my company, and the things said about it. thanks!
Super great of Anthony Morrison to be so concerned for this nearly broke and unemployed guy to point him to his conference.

In fact, another user was so impressed by Mr. Morrison and his nature, that in 2 hours of the Anthony Morrison post they couldn't wait to reply: "Spoken like a true altruist; I laud you sir!"

Altruist -n- someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human well-being. Altruism -v- Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.
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reply to MeanPeepsSuk

Re: [Scam] Anthony Morrison - Hidden Millionaires Infomercial

It goes straight to the character or lack of character in morrison to see him creating profiles of "easy mark" target groups & then playing to the emotions of each group with a question/answer routine where he asks a question & then answers it himself.
If the Hidden Millionaire potential victims would just take a minute to wonder why of the 1000's of happy customers morrison claims to have, why he needs to create these vulnerable profile groups & then post questions posing as a member of these profile groups there would a dramatic decrease
in the amount of people walking around who believe they were cheated out of what little money they had.
Some vulnerable profiled groups that I'd like to see would include:

"I'm a Forensic Fraud Analyst with the FTC & I'm looking for a second income stream. I saw The Hidden Millionaire's Infomercial & wondered if anyone has started a IIFA-76a"

I can only imagine the reply.

Hi, the system has 1000's of successful students in all walks of life but through some quirk of nature, Forensic Fraud Analyst's with the FTC have had ZERO success with the system. Therefore, I am honor bound to advise that Hidden Millionaires is not available to you or any of your immediate family members & close friends."