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Ellicott City, MD
·Verizon FiOS

No Dialtone, no DC battery...

This is the diagnosis by Verizon, when CavTel dispatched them to look at the problem my mother's having with her phones. --I'm orchestrating this, because she's one of the few who still doesn't have a cellphone. If she needs to make a call, she needs to go to her neighbor.

Called CavTel, and the readily dispatched VZ. They said they saw no Dialtone and no 'battery'. This is exactly what I'm seeing at the CPE. No -48VDC at the CPE.

Verizon said it's a cavtel issue, and they have to dispatch one of their techs. This determination was made at 3PM on a Saturday, and they said a tech probably wouldn't be available until 3 days later on that Tuesday. Sound like a bad line-card? It's apparent that having a middleman (CLEC) in the mix, doesn't help repair issues att all. I told my mother that if you were with Verizon, at least they own all the equipment end-to-end, and they work (I think) 7 days a week, 7A to 7P.

She's been a C&P Telephone / BellAtlantic / Verizon customer since ~1970, and CavTel since ~2003. At least I persuaded her to get one of those pay-by-the-drink cellphones...