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Baltimore, MD

Need some info

I'm trying to get a letter as close to the higher ups at Cavtel as possible. Could anyone please help me? I really need my phone service and Cavtel won't turn it on, although I am paid up to date. If someone could help me I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you and God bless you.


Spring City, PA
I sent a message to this guy, but it didn't work. I'm only still with Cavalier because Verizon and Comcast are worse.

Jeffrey Earhart, Vice President of Customer Service
Cavalier Telephone LLC
2134 W. Laburnum Ave
Richmond, VA 23227

Baltimore, MD
Thank you for your help. I am paid up as always but I just got my phone service one Wednesday. There are too many excuses to tell; suffice it to say they are incompetent. I wish I had the money to get away from them. My phone service is on now, but they turned it on once before and then turned it off. They claim to have my internet on by monday. We'll see how it goes. You know, if I did have to sit down and gasp for air each block I walk it wouldn't be so bad, but this is the case in my situation. Not too many people seemed willing to help me, but to the ones who did, thank you and God bless you.