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Jason Levine
reply to thevorpal1

Re: I like this

Exactly. It is a very important procedural step, but it is a step nonetheless. And it is a step that is often abused by copyright holders or people who don't like criticism. (e.g. the recent Olympics DMCA requests over the fact that their logo appears for a millisecond on a protest video on YouTube.)

If Cox is taking users offline for merely receiving these requests, they are opening their users up to abuse by overzealous copyright holders (going beyond normal rights protections) and/or by people who can't take criticism. Any of their users who speak out will get a flurry of DMCA requests and Cox, following the 3 Strikes policy, will take the user offline. Critic silenced!

In the legal world, this is called a SLAPP lawsuit and is illegal. Cox could effectively be making "eSLAPP-ing" standard policy.
-Jason Levine
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